Irish Clients Living Abroad

Many Irish families have loved ones living abroad, who continue to have a requirement for local Irish legal services by virtue of their connections to home. Examples of legal matters that may need to be dealt from abroad include:

Property matters – you may have a property in Ireland that you wish to sell. You may wish to put a residential tenancy agreement in place with a prospective tenant. You may have a dispute with a tenant under landlord and tenant legislation.

Wills – you may need to put in place a Will in Ireland dealing with property you own or have inherited in Ireland. You may be appointed as an Executor under a Will and need assistance in Administering an Estate from abroad. You may be an Attorney or a Notice Party under an Enduring Power of Attorney and need advice. You may be a beneficiary under an Irish Will and wish to challenge the Will.

Relocating Home – we can assist with legal requirements that may arise on your return home, such as purchasing a property and providing employment law advice. If you are returning home as a business owner, we can assist you and your business with your legal requirements.

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