International Commercial Clients

Our international commercial clients include Business, Embassies and Educational Establishments with a local presence in Dublin.

We are pleased to assist clients who come to us on referral from our colleagues in the International Lawyers Group. As the sole Irish law firm in the group we are proud to be a trusted resource.

We aim to support our international commercial clients with a valued, efficient and clear legal service. In our work, we emphasize the importance of building relationships and of communication. This serves us well in assisting international clients, who need a clear explanation of the law and processes in Ireland.

In our experience, International Commercial Clients typically require Property Law and local Irish Employment Law advice in connection with their activities in Ireland. To find out more about our Commercial Client Services please click here

We are always happy to assist staff in locating to Ireland and can review Residential Tenancy Agreements for executive staff if needed. To find out more click here.

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