Fatal Injury Cases

If a person dies as a result of the wrongful or negligent act of another person, their family may be entitled to bring a Fatal Injury Action.

Circumstances giving rise to Fatal Injury Actions are myriad but may arise from some form of wrongful accident such as a road traffic accident, medical negligence or an accident at work. ​

It is difficult to lose a loved one at any time but fatal injuries are devastating for the family who have lost a loved one in tragic and unexpected circumstances. A fatal injury action offers some compensation and financial stability for the family, particularly if there was a dependence on the income and support of the deceased.

*In contentious cases, a solicitor may not charge fees or expenses as a portion or percentage of any award of settlement.

In contentious business, a legal practitioner shall not charge any amount in respect of legal costs expressed as a percentage or proportion of any damages (or other monies) that may become payable to his or her client or purport to set out the legal costs to be charged to a junior council as a specified percentage or proportion of the legal costs paid to a senior council. A legal practitioner shall not without the prior written agreement of his or her client deduct or appropriate any amount in respect of legal costs from the amount of any damages or moneys that become payable to the client in respect of legal services that the legal practitioner provided to the client.

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