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19th December, 2012

Why should I make a Will?

We are often asked by clients why they should consider making a will. In particular, some people take the view that they have nothing to leave, that the law will operate to give effect to their wishes anyway or that spending time considering death is too morbid or upsetting. Whatever your age or your personal [...]

19th October, 2012

The best will in the world

In the lead-up to Best Will in The World week, Kerry Clear discusses the importance of making a will and the consequences of not having one with Niamh Hassell on Newstalk’s Breakfast Show. Listen now.

17th October, 2012

Wills are the way to go

The following article by Conor Pope first appeared in The Irish Times on Tuesday, October 16, 2012. THE LAW IS NOT something which, typically, offers us great value for money. The men in grey suits who control our purse strings quickly realised this after they flew in from Frankfurt and New York once we surrendered [...]