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15th January, 2013

Residency schemes for foreign investors

Residency schemes for foreign investors: The Immigrant Investor Programme and Start-Up Entrepreneur Programme Ireland’s Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Mr. Alan Shatter, unveiled in early 2012 two new initiatives designed to attract non-EEA investors and entrepreneurs to Ireland in order to stimulate job growth and development. The initiatives, the Immigrant Investor Programme and the [...]

13th January, 2013

Moving in together

Purchasing a home and moving in together is a cause for celebration for a couple. However, it is important to be aware that the situation could potentially become complicated in the unfortunate event that the couple subsequently breaks up. We strongly advise couples purchasing a home together to seek legal advice and enter into a co-ownership agreement at the same time that they purchase the property.

9th January, 2013

Guide to buying a home

Buying a home is one of the most significant transactions that a person will make in their lives. Most Clients tell us that they are familiar with the steps that they need to take at the outset including: a. Dealing with a broker or lending institution to obtain a loan offer. b. Searching for a [...]

19th December, 2012

Why should I make a Will?

We are often asked by clients why they should consider making a will. In particular, some people take the view that they have nothing to leave, that the law will operate to give effect to their wishes anyway or that spending time considering death is too morbid or upsetting. Whatever your age or your personal [...]

19th October, 2012

The best will in the world

In the lead-up to Best Will in The World week, Kerry Clear discusses the importance of making a will and the consequences of not having one with Niamh Hassell on Newstalk’s Breakfast Show. Listen now.